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John George Campbell 

About Me


Welcome to my website. My name is John George Campbell. I’m a singer and actor, by inclination, an art lover, collector, and broker, by upbringing and experience, and a technical equity chart analyst by interest, research, and practice. I’m also the author of STOCK MARKET BASEBALL, a book about how I taught myself technical chart analysis and increased the value of my trading portfolio by over 500% in less than a years’ time, and followed that up with another triple digit percentage gain the following year. All of the content posted on this site, besides this page, usually appears first on my Blog page.


Most of the artwork that you see on these pages is for sale. If you see something you want to own please feel free to make me an offer.




I sing because I’m a singer. Before I could read or spell, I could memorize music and lyrics to songs, and perform them for audiences solo, or  in harmony  with  others. Singing  is like breathing  for me. I’ll  sing till I die. You can watch videos  of me in performance on my Actor page,  or by  following  my  blog.


Art Collecting


I’ve been interested in art ever  since my  mother took me to art  galleries and museums when I was still a boy.  Part of the reason I love art is because I’m  no good at creating  visual art,  myself, beyond what I create as an actor and singer, on stage. So, I’m always quite happy to discover visual and sculptural works by others who are gifted in this way. Those early, and ongoing experiences, at  galleries and museums, helped me to develop an  eye for good work, relative to the price I would have to pay to acquire the work,  as a collector. In time I found work as an art publishers representative, setting  up relationships with galleries nationwide for artists Aldo Luongo,  Eyvind Earle, and Olivia De Berardinis. I later became an independent art broker, buying and selling works of art for myself, and for others.


Like singing, I think I’ll always be buying, selling, and collecting art, and supporting and engaging with artists, and the arts. If you see a work for art that you would like to buy on the pages of this website, and it’s available, you can purchase it directly by pressing the buy button, or message me to make me an offer if you want to negotiate the price.

As for investing, and trading in equities, I have two words.

Technical Analysis.


Before I learned technical chart analysis, I was at the mercy of balance sheets that might not be honest, management statements that might not be truthful, and financial spin spun by  financial media talking heads, designed to make me buy, or sell shares, while they, and their clients, were doing the exact opposite of what they were suggesting  I, and others like me,  should do. But with technical analysis, the technical indicators used to assist you  in making trading decisions, are based on algorithms, and factors related to the law of large numbers, which paint a statistically  based picture of which direction the share price might be headed next. Using this information I increased the size of my portfolio by 500%  in 2009, and over 200% in 2010. I share some of what I’ve learned about technical analysis in STOCK MARKET BASEBALL, and a few other pages in this website.  But on the way  to the pages on technical chart analysis, I hope you’ll enjoy listening to some songs, watch  some performance videos, and take a look at a some works of art on the following pages.


You see, I love music and art. I just like technical analysis.