NYC from Annie As Oliver Warbucks

NYC from ANNIE    Performing as Oliver Warbucks in Annie, singing N.Y.C. .   Performing N.Y.C. from Annie is always such a crowd pleaser of a song. Lot’s of activity on stage. Lots of energy, and hustle and bustle. People going here and there, never stopping, always moving. Just like NYC. This is great ensemble piece, and the whole group seemed to wow the audience every night with their collective voices. Heather Keeney played Grace Farrell. Madi Litgermoet played Annie. Shaye Leeper played as the Star to Be. Lisa Suppler Slay directed the show, and colored it with great touches … Continued

Why Should I Change a Thing ?

Why Should I Change a Thing ?    Daddy Warbucks was such a neat character to portray. Firmly ensconced in his cool detachment from having any really meaningful relationships, at all. And then this little orphan girl, Annie, gets to him.

Something was Missing as Daddy Warbucks

Something was Missing, as Daddy Warbucks in Annie. Inland Theater League Award Winner I enjoyed performing in the role of Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks in ANNIE. I really didn’t know much about the show, or the role, when I was first asked to play the part. What I thought I knew was that the show was about Little Orphan Annie, so it was a show for little girls. And I’m not a little girl. Then What I thought I knew about Oliver “Daddy ” Warbucks, was that he was some sort of over the top Monopoly game caricature of an incredibly … Continued

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