A Winter Present

When Winter winds blow cold and chill And Winter nights seem calm and still There’s still a lot of work to do To keep the homestead warm The fire must stay alit and hot Like cocoa warming in the pot To keep our loved ones inside safe Around the fires glow Underneath the Winter sky With lakes below and mountains high The trees of Winter proudly stand Like guardians in the snow The creeks are cold. The ground is too The trees are bare, except a few. But, still and all, I like the scenes That Winter brings each year. Of … Continued

Lake Louise by Frederick Priddat

Lake Louise by Frederick Priddat.  Listed Canadian artist. (1924- XXXX) 24″ x 28″ Framed oil on Canvas. 16″ x 20″ , unframed. Who was Frederick Priddat? Frederick Priddat was born in Germany (1924) and studied in Hanover, Germany. He was involved in the making of handicrafts in Lemo, and commercial art and interior design in Detmold, Germany. He came to Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1961, and then settled in Victoria, British Columbia. His subjects include the prairie landscape of Manitoba, and coastal views of British Columbia, as well as the Canadian Rockies. He worked as a farmer, building painter, and construction worker. … Continued

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