Remington, Russell, and All

Remington, Russell, and All The artists Frederic Remington and Charles Russell, and other great western artists, captured on canvas, and paper, romantic and exciting images of the old west, that made the west a place that Americans in the 1800s wanted to settle, make their fortunes, and raise a family in. It’s possible that the west that they depicted in their artwork inspired men like my grandfather John, and his brothers Charles, and Harry to put down roots in the Oklahoma territory around the turn of 20th century. Tall Tales One of the tall tales that my grandfather told my father, … Continued

Next to Highway Number 10 Dinosaurs live again

Next to Highway Number 10, Dinosaurs live again.   I wrote this song Next to Highway Number 10, about a crazy, fun place in Cabazon, California, next to Highway number 10, in Southern California. What made this place fun was the presence of life size statues of dinosaurs, like a Brontosaurus, and Tyrannasaurus Rex, that you could get out of your car, and walk around, under, and even inside, the dinosaurs. I don’t care how old, or young, you are, dinosaurs are cool, and this place couldn’t help but stir the imagination of anyone who’s ever been there, or driven by … Continued

Shadows in The Night love song by John George Campbell

Shadows in the Night love song Shadows in the Night is a romantic love song that I wrote for my FAMILY ALBUM CD. I would love to see a Pas de Deux ballet performed to this song. It just seems to me that the grace, and emotion displayed by ballet dancers would be a good match for the words and music of this song. This video is something new I put together using Haiku Deck, featuring an excerpt from the SHADOWS IN THE NIGHT. Haiku Deck is mostly visual, so I had to download the visual files to Powerpoint, and … Continued

God Bless the Working Man

I’ve shared this song before. It’s good to work. But there are still a lot of people that want to work that can’t seem to find a job, so, in honor of Labor Day, I thought I would share it again. It’s tough being without work. Lots of people go through it . So while we’re celebrating Labor Day, and everyday that you can provide for yourself, and your family, remember all those that would like to work, and are willing to work, but can’t seem to find a job. God Bless the Working Man and Woman.

Rugrats Tribute Video Babies on Parade

Babies on Parade I started writing this song when my oldest son, who is now in his mid 20’s, was just a baby boy starting to stand on his own two feet. As he stood on one of my knees, I started singing the nonsensical part of the song, while he, and I, were having a great time, playing together. This process would be repeated with our next two sons, with the song still not having words to it. Later, when I started to record my FAMILY ALBUM CD, I came up with the lyrics to the song, with my three … Continued

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