Stock Market Baseball Book


I’m published. I’ve just released STOCK MARKET BASEBALL via Amazon Kindle Direct, for an ebook version of the title, and a paperback edition of the title through Amazons’ Create Space publishing venue. It’s been a great learning experience, and I’m happy to see that during my first weekend of offering a free promotional download for 3 days, that STOCK MARKET BASEBALL was ranked number 1 in Business and Investing for Free Kindle ebook downloads in the STOCKS category,  and number 1 in the ONLINE TRADING category.


The free download of the book was a marketing tool offered to help a new book , and author, get some readership, and perhaps a buzz about the content.

Here’s a short video presentation based on the book.

STOCK MARKET BASEBALL is about how I increased the value of my investment portfolio by over 500% in less than one years’ time, by learning technical chart analysis, and trading on the signals that I was seeing from the technical indicators that told me when to buy and sell shares in a stock.  I also focus on playing smallball, as far as trading is concerned, as in trading for 1%, 2%, and 3% a day, rather than hitting for a home run all the time.. Over the course of the year, those 1% and 2% gains can amount to a great percentage increase in the value of your investment portfolio.


A Kindle ebook and  a paperback version are available for purchase through You don’t need to own a Kindle to be able to read the ebook on your Android, Apple IPAD, or laptop computer, as there is a free kindle app that you can download for whatever platform your using. 

Buy the book.