In the 1980’s, when  I was trying to find a day job between gigs as a singer,  I stumbled upon working in the art publishing business. The  publisher, Robert Bane, put me on the phones, speaking with gallery owners from across the country, and I sold to a new gallery my very first day on the job.

Within a month I was in New York City, meeting gallery and frame shop owners at the New York Art Expo, as they came by the Robert Bane Publishing booth to get a closer look at limited editions by the artists that Robert Bane published; Aldo Luongo, Eyvind Earle, and Olivia De Berardinis.

 My interest in the work of Aldo Luongo  had brought me to Robert Bane, and that experience  taught me about  art publishing , marketing, selling, deal making, and art collecting.


   Though I parted company with Robert Bane many years ago, I continued art collecting, as well as art brokering for others, either buying artwork that they couldn’t find for themselves, or selling their artwork for them. I even arranged a three city Japanese exhibition tour of 150 paintings by the American illustration artist Roy Besser, which was the biggest show he had ever had up to that point in his career.

I had previously been instrumental in putting together a highly successful  gallery show at Gallery Americana, in Carmel California,  for the American artist Eyvind Earle, just a few years earlier. So I understood how to negotiate, and logistically handle highly successful gallery exhibitions.

Those experiences also helped me with my own  collecting, as  I was exposed to artwork on a more sophisticated level, and developed a good eye for works priced below their market value, which I would later sell for a good profit.

I know that it isn’t very idealistic, or romantic, from an artists’ point of view, to consider other’s regarding their work as something to buy and sell, but the art business is a business, very simply because people really do see value in artistic expression, and good works of art seem to stand the test of time, and have value on the secondary market that people are willing to pay for.

That’s the part of the business that I’m engaged in. Buying and selling. For myself, and for others.


   Please let me know if I can be of service to you, acting as your buying agent  for your collection, or selling your collection for you. Single pieces, or many. Use the Contact form below, or call me at 951 816 1759.