A Winter Present

When Winter winds blow cold and chill And Winter nights seem calm and still There’s still a lot of work to do To keep the homestead warm The fire must stay alit and hot Like cocoa warming in the pot To keep our loved ones inside safe Around the fires glow Underneath the Winter sky With lakes below and mountains high The trees of Winter proudly stand Like guardians in the snow The creeks are cold. The ground is too The trees are bare, except a few. But, still and all, I like the scenes That Winter brings each year. Of … Continued

Is autumn this fall?

Hot September   It’s September as I’m writing this. Hot September. 110 degrees hot, in the shade, September, where I live in Southwest Riverside county, in Southern California. But it’s a dry heat, as if that makes it any less hot. However, if you’ve traveled to Florida, or Hawaii, in the summer, when it’s both hot and humid at the same time, and your shirt is drenching with sweat the moment that you step out of an air-conditioned car, or building, you know that there is a difference between dry heat, and tropical heat. Dry heat just feels like the … Continued

Roy Besser “Christmas Present”

Vintage 1950’s Roy Besser painting “Christmas Present”. Roy Besser was a mid-century advertising artist, art director, and illustrator for Pepsi Cola,  as well as for numerous TV and Film production studios, and advertising agencies. He rose to prominence when, as a young man, he was chosen by actress Joan Crawford, and her husband Pepsi Cola Chairman of the Board, Al Steele, to create an ad campaign for Pepsi Cola referred to as the Sophisticate ad campaign, showing beautiful, fashionable, and elite people drinking Pepsi Cola at a party, museum, polo match, etc… This particular painting, CHRISTMAS PRESENT, was probably used … Continued

Roy Besser “The Perfect Hat” painting

     Vintage Roy Besser painting of a young woman wearing “The Perfect Hat”. The image of this beautiful young lady was used more than once by Roy Besser in the Sophisticate ad campaign for Pepsi Cola during the 1950’s. (Currently in a private collection).

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