Remington, Russell, and All

Remington, Russell, and All The artists Frederic Remington and Charles Russell, and other great western artists, captured on canvas, and paper, romantic and exciting images of the old west, that made the west a place that Americans in the 1800s wanted to settle, make their fortunes, and raise a family in. It’s possible that the west that they depicted in their artwork inspired men like my grandfather John, and his brothers Charles, and Harry to put down roots in the Oklahoma territory around the turn of 20th century. Tall Tales One of the tall tales that my grandfather told my father, … Continued

Crossing the Verde by James Reynolds

Crossing the Verde by James Reynolds was published in 1979, by Verde Art Enterprises , in an edition size of 300 signed and numbered lithographs. The edition is printed on sturdy acid free archival quality fine art paper. 300 hundred lithographs in the edition make it one of the smallest edition sizes for a James Reynolds artwork, and lends to the scarcity aspect of the edition. It was very seldom sold to, or through galleries, if ever, since it was used by an investor group, over the years,  to auction annually at fundraisers  for various charities. After many years the … Continued

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