Qing Dynasty Cranes

 Qing Dynasty Cranes 19th century  Here’s a 19th century painting of Qing Dynasty Cranes that I came across several years ago. I was told it was Qing Dynasty by someone at one of the leading auction houses, but that’s about all I learned at that time, since they were in New York, and I was near San Diego. I’m in Portland, Oregon now. What I would like to know is what the red markings represent, and who it might be by, as well as when it may have been created. As you can see from the custom frame, with corners … Continued

Ting Shao Kuang

   This work, Cherry Blossoms, by Ting Shao Kuang, was the first image that I ever saw of his work. The memory of it stayed in my mind for years until I had the good fortune to find it on the secondary market. I usually buy for other people, when they give me a wish list of artwork, and artists, whose work they want to find. But in this case, this work was for me. I like a lot of Ting Shao Kuangs’ work from the 1980’s. His work was colorful, elegant, and refined. I have read that he pulled … Continued

Samurai Warriors on Horseback Japanese Byobu

 Samurai Warriors on Horseback    Japanese Byobu four panel screen. I’ve owned some Korean Joseon period court paintings in the past, and have a nice crane painting from the Qing Dynasty, but this is the first time to own a Byobu, a Japanese folding screen painting. As usual, I really like the imagery, but know nothing about the artist. If any readers recognize the artists’ symbol, please let me know who it is. Thank you.

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