Is autumn this fall?

Hot September   It’s September as I’m writing this. Hot September. 110 degrees hot, in the shade, September, where I live in Southwest Riverside county, in Southern California. But it’s a dry heat, as if that makes it any less hot. However, if you’ve traveled to Florida, or Hawaii, in the summer, when it’s both hot and humid at the same time, and your shirt is drenching with sweat the moment that you step out of an air-conditioned car, or building, you know that there is a difference between dry heat, and tropical heat. Dry heat just feels like the … Continued

Earline W Barnes painting AUTUMN

Earline W Barnes painting AUTUMN.   Earline W Barnes painting AUTUMN      Hall of Fame El Paso, Texas artist Earline W Barnes (1926 – 2005) was not only an important Texas artist, but also a very important teacher, and influence on others that she taught, and was a contemporary of.  A brief study into her work reveals great respect for her work as an artist and teacher in Texas, and New Mexico. I think wherever she would have landed in her life that she would have had the same influence, and respect as an artist and as a teacher. … Continued

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