GENTLE WAVES by Peter Ellenshaw

A friend of mine has asked my help to sell GENTLE WAVES by Peter Ellenshaw, a painting that has been in his family since his father first bought it at the Manhatten Gallery in Pasadena, California in in 1964. That’s the provenance. Same family since 1964. The name of the painting is GENTLE WAVES, and the artist is the great Disney artist Peter Ellenshaw. The paintings dimensions are 36”w X 24”h. Framed dimensions 41 ¼ X 36 ¼ . Signed 1963 Original Seascape Oil on Canvas Offering Price $TBD Price is FOB Santa Barbara, CA; shipping, handling and insurance is … Continued

The First Snow Kansas by Erma Washburn

“The First Snow, Kansas” Oil painting 29 3/4” x 39 3/4” framed. Listed in Hughes. Source: Edan Hughes, author of the book “Artists in California, 1786-1940”. “Erma Faye Redfern Washburn (1904 – 1987) Erma Faye Redfern Washburn was active/lived in California, Kansas. Erma Washburn is known for painting.” The painting can be paid for via PayPal, or in cash. Offers considered. #winter #snow #landscape #Kansas “The First Snow, Kansas” by Erma Washburn. Oil painting, 29 3/4” x 39 3/4” framed. $1850.00. Feel free to make an offer.

Children Playing in the Snow

Children Playing in the Snow This is a late Mid century painting of children Playing in the Snow, signed Simon. It’s a rather large painting (30″ x 42″, and I think it was probably created in the late 60’s, early 70’s. I think it captures the memory and the charm of time spent with brothers and sisters, and neighborhood friends, sledding, building snowmen, having snowball fights, and just having fun playing in the snow in winter. Wonderful Christmas memory, too. Children Playing in the Snow, 30″ x 42″ Acrylic on Canvas painting, signed Simon $550.00

Farmers Home Winter Mid Century Vintage Painting

FARMERS HOME WINTER (After) Mid century vintage painting after Durrie’s Farmers Home Winter This is an untitled mid 20th century painting signed EADIE, after George Henry Durrie’s 19th century painting used in Currier & Ives calendars in the 1800’s, titled FARMERS HOME WINTER. George Henry Durrie also painted Farmer’s Home Spring, Summer, and Fall. This is a very well executed mid 20th century artistic tribute, signed EADIE, to 19th century painter George Henry Durrie. 19 1/2″ x 29 1/2″ framed oil on canvas painting. $15000.00

A Winter Present

When Winter winds blow cold and chill And Winter nights seem calm and still There’s still a lot of work to do To keep the homestead warm The fire must stay alit and hot Like cocoa warming in the pot To keep our loved ones inside safe Around the fires glow Underneath the Winter sky With lakes below and mountains high The trees of Winter proudly stand Like guardians in the snow The creeks are cold. The ground is too The trees are bare, except a few. But, still and all, I like the scenes That Winter brings each year. Of … Continued

Is autumn this fall?

Hot September   It’s September as I’m writing this. Hot September. 110 degrees hot, in the shade, September, where I live in Southwest Riverside county, in Southern California. But it’s a dry heat, as if that makes it any less hot. However, if you’ve traveled to Florida, or Hawaii, in the summer, when it’s both hot and humid at the same time, and your shirt is drenching with sweat the moment that you step out of an air-conditioned car, or building, you know that there is a difference between dry heat, and tropical heat. Dry heat just feels like the … Continued

Stone House in Winter by Jack Whitaker

Stone House in Winter by Jack Whitaker. Oil on canvas board.   This is an  original oil painting signed by Jack Whitaker in 1974, of a Colonial period Georgian style, or Colonial Revival style, stone house in winter. The Georgian style stone homes were named for King George, and were prevalent in the middle colonies in the 18th century, or the 1700s’. Which Jack Whitaker is it? There are the only two notable artists named Jack Whitaker that I could find in my research good enough to paint this painting of a Stone House in Winter. One is popular in … Continued

Lake Louise by Frederick Priddat

Lake Louise by Frederick Priddat.  Listed Canadian artist. (1924- XXXX) 24″ x 28″ Framed oil on Canvas. 16″ x 20″ , unframed. Who was Frederick Priddat? Frederick Priddat was born in Germany (1924) and studied in Hanover, Germany. He was involved in the making of handicrafts in Lemo, and commercial art and interior design in Detmold, Germany. He came to Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1961, and then settled in Victoria, British Columbia. His subjects include the prairie landscape of Manitoba, and coastal views of British Columbia, as well as the Canadian Rockies. He worked as a farmer, building painter, and construction worker. … Continued

Mid Century Paris Street Scene Painting

Mid Century Paris Street Scene painting   I think the color and the detail is best in this shot from a slight angle, as the flash didn’t wash out the color.    Mid century French pen and ink and watercolor painting of a Paris Street Scene, featuring Montmartre, Paris and the Sacre Coeur . Signed by the artist. Very well done.    A few years back I owned a painting by the French artist Charles Cobelle. I would say that this artist may well have been a contemporary of Cobelle, or Marcel Dufy, as the use of the open line, … Continued

Mid Century Modern Seascape Painting by Parker

  This is a 24″ x 30″ oil on canvas mid-century modern seascape painting, signed Parker. I think this painting was done in the 60’s, considering the way the palette knife was used to create the jagged texture of the rocky shoreline, in contrast to the more subdued, more minimal treatment of the ocean, seabirds, sky, and rolling and churning waves.

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