Remington, Russell, and All

Remington, Russell, and All The artists Frederic Remington and Charles Russell, and other great western artists, captured on canvas, and paper, romantic and exciting images of the old west, that made the west a place that Americans in the 1800s … Continued

Vanishing Family Wealth and Art and Antiques

I read an article today based on a Russel Sage Foundation study that indicates that for most families in the United States, that family wealth has vanished. I wondered , as I was reading that article, what effect that vanishing … Continued

Earline W Barnes painting AUTUMN

Earline W Barnes painting AUTUMN.   Earline W Barnes painting AUTUMN      Hall of Fame El Paso, Texas artist Earline W Barnes (1926 – 2005) was not only an important Texas artist, but also a very important teacher, and … Continued

Ken Gore painting Blue Reflection

Ken Gore painting Blue Reflection Ken Gore painting Blue Reflection. This is an oil painting by American artist Ken Gore (1911-1990).    Born in Illinois, American artist Ken Gore was revered in Indiana as an Indiana artist, where he was … Continued

Louis de Mayo Navajo man

Louis de Mayo Navajo Man . Published in 1981. Signed and numbered limited edition serigraph, in a very small edition size of 75 impressions. Custom framed in a corrugated metal roofing panel,  seated on a wood frame backing. Really excellent presentation. From … Continued

The Rachel Felix Portfolio by Owen Hyde Clark

This is a video montage of the RACHEL Portfolio for Edana Romney, designed by Owen Hyde Clark, set to Debussy’s Clare de Lune. FOR SALE: THE RACHEL PORTFOLIO by Owen Hyde Clark. Submit offers.  I’ve owned this portfolio for over 33 … Continued