How I moved content to Stock Market Baseball

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This post is about how I moved trading content to Stock Market Baseball. And why. I’ve been spending the last couple of weeks moving trading content from to my Stock Market Baseball website. Over the holidays, from late October through December I noticed an uptick in activity regarding my book Stock Market Baseball, so I felt the need to try to expand the services of that website to include other points of view, and posts, besides my own. In order to accomplish that I added groups, blogs, and forums to that website. I just put that website back online today, so it’s a ghost town there, … Continued

What the Hatom!

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  What the Hatom! Google won’t crawl. I’ve recently had the dreaded Hatom problem giving 174 hatom error messages for pages on my website, reading “Missing author”, and “Missing update”. But I checked my profile on my website, and there I am, listed as the author. And I know me, personally, so I know I’m really the guy that writes the stuff on my website. So why is Google not recognizing me as the author? After researching this, and seeing that scores and scores of other WordPress users are having the same problem, I wondered why a plugin hasn’t been … Continued

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