Chocolate Oatmeal

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Chocolate Oatmeal.


Chocolate Oatmeal
Chocolate Oatmeal

After having my first cup of coffee for the day, and in the middle of my second cup… Well. Alright. Not really my second cup, because the Campbell’s coffee mug that my wife collects whenever she sees one crossing her path, holds two cups of coffee. So, there’s that. So, back to my story, and epicurial awakening.

After having my first three cups of coffee for the day, and about to start working on my fourth, that being the remaining coffee in my two cup Campbell’s mug, I was thinking, “I’m hungry. What should I eat?” I don’t actually say this out loud, all the time. That would be weird. But I was thinking it, and I decided to have what I find that I like to have more often these days. Oatmeal. But oatmeal with what?

I looked at the bananas that I usually slice and mix into my oatmeal, but they were still kind of green, and I don’t like the flavor, or the texture, of green bananas. There might have been raisins, but I didn’t bother to look. There’s the maple syrup that I sometimes pour into the oatmeal to give it some flavor, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to settle for that either. And then it happened. I saw it stranded by it’s lonesome in front of the coffee pot. A package of hot cocoa mix.

BAM! My imagination ran wild with the thoughts of what the oatmeal would taste like if I mixed this hot cocoa mix in with the oatmeal. I had already placed the oatmeal with milk into the microwave, and the cooking process was already half way through, but I couldn’t help myself. I stopped the microwave, poured in the hot cocoa mix, stirred it around in the still liquidy milk and oatmeal, put the oatmeal back in the microwave, and restarted it’s engine. A minute and a half later the chocolate flavored oatmeal was ready to eat.

YUM. Delicious. I like oatmeal with fruit, jam, syrup, brown sugar, or honey, anyways, but chocolate oatmeal is new to me. I never had it before, and it’s so simple to make. Get some rolled oats, and pour it into a bowl. Pour enough milk into the bowl to account for the volume of oatmeal that you’re making. And then mix in the hot cocoa mix. Microwave for about two and a half minutes, and there you go. Chocolate oatmeal. Oh, so good.

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  1. Margaret Siemers

    What a wonderful idea, Chocolate oatmeal! I am not only going to try this some day soon, I am going to share your post.

    And, while I have you in front of me, (or is it that I am in front of you?) I just want to say that you and your posts have been missed here on g+. Pam, you know, my “Whimsical” friend Pam, and I were just talking about you the other day. So I am happy to see you.

    • John George Campbell

      Thanks Margaret. I’ve been so busy with my work that I’ve hardly even posted to my own webpage, even though I’ve been in a few shows since the beginning of the year. If I had video of those performances I would have posted them to this web page, at which time they would have been picked up by Google+. But since most of my activity has been local, and I haven’t tried to sell anything in maybe over a year, I’ve spent more social media time on Facebook. When I have something focused to say, or share, I’ll post to Google+ again. This chocolate oatmeal post was just something that was pretty spontaneous, and the dish is so delicious, and EASY to make, so it was definitely shareable.

  2. Cynthia Campbell

    My dad (oatmeal grandpa as the kids called him) might have tried that one if he had thought of it. Not sure if I would try .. I don’t like oatmeal to begin with. 😉

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