Puppy Love


Here’s a link to the trailer for Puppy Love,  premiering in Riverside, California on September 12th, 2014 at the Tri Stone Theater,  on Limonite Avenue. Come to the premier if you’re in the area. There will be other short films premiering that night, as well.

Puppy Love is a short film that I was recently  cast in  to play  an  older man that’s never  quite  gotten  over his first love. His puppy  love.  He’s lived his life as a singer/songwriter,  and has fans that want to see him,  and hear his songs, but he stays  secluded behind the closed gates to his estate,  living alone,  except for the companionship of his little dog,  Rhonda.

The emptiness in his soul and spirit, and memory  of his lost first, and only love,  fuel his lyrics and music. His fans feel his loss, because they’ve felt the loss of love too. They  remember  the one that  got away,  the same way that he does. S o they  listen to his music, and buy  his records,  and come to his concerts to see him. But at the end of each  day,  and night,  he’s alone, with  only  his puppy  to keep him  company.

He remembers the young man he was when he fell in love with her.  Barely  in high  school. He could tell that she liked him too. She trusted him. She could talk to him, and smile, and even put her arm  around him  from  time to time. But he was so shy. Why  couldn’t he have told her sooner,  before that other guy  swept her away ? Why  couldn’t he have told her sooner how  he felt,  and given her the locket that he had inscribed for her ?

Would he ever be able to get over her? To forget her,  and a  love he felt so long ago,  and still hadn’t been able to put behind him?

Maybe the film  holds the answer. Come to the premier to find out.


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