Roy Besser “Christmas Present”

Christmas Present". Mid Century illustration painting   by Roy Besser
Christmas Present”. Mid Century illustration painting by Roy Besser

Vintage 1950’s Roy Besser painting “Christmas Present”.

Roy Besser was a mid-century advertising artist, art director, and illustrator for Pepsi Cola,  as well as for numerous TV and Film production studios, and advertising agencies. He rose to prominence when, as a young man, he was chosen by actress Joan Crawford, and her husband Pepsi Cola Chairman of the Board, Al Steele, to create an ad campaign for Pepsi Cola referred to as the Sophisticate ad campaign, showing beautiful, fashionable, and elite people drinking Pepsi Cola at a party, museum, polo match, etc…

This particular painting, CHRISTMAS PRESENT, was probably used as an illustration in a magazine like LADIES HOME JOURNAL in the 1950’s.



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