Rugrats Tribute Video Babies on Parade

Babies on Parade

I started writing this song when my oldest son, who is now in his mid 20’s, was just a baby boy starting to stand on his own two feet. As he stood on one of my knees, I started singing the nonsensical part of the song, while he, and I, were having a great time, playing together. This process would be repeated with our next two sons, with the song still not having words to it. Later, when I started to record my FAMILY ALBUM CD, I came up with the lyrics to the song, with my three sons first attempts at walking, and discovering their world about them, fresh in my mind.

The RUGRATS were very popular when my sons were growing up, so I thought that pairing the RUGRATS imagery, with my song about my sons, was a perfect match, since both the song , and the visuals, capture the fun, and joy, of Babies on Parade.


Rugrats tribute video Babies on Parade.

Babies on Parade is written and sung by John George Campbell on the FAMILY ALBUM CD. The song Babies On Parade is available for digital download through all digital music download sites including ITunes, Google Music, Rhapsody, Amazon, etc…

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