Samurai Warriors on Horseback Japanese Byobu

Samurai Warriors on Horseback Byobu
Samurai Warriors on Horseback Byobu

 Samurai Warriors on Horseback


 Japanese Byobu four panel screen. I’ve owned some Korean Joseon period court paintings in the past, and have a nice crane painting from the Qing Dynasty, but this is the first time to own a Byobu, a Japanese folding screen painting. As usual, I really like the imagery, but know nothing about the artist. If any readers recognize the artists’ symbol, please let me know who it is. Thank you.

    Vintage Japanese byobu folding screen on four panels of two Samurai warriors on horse back , one chasing the other and drawing an arrow in his bow to shoot at his adversary. This is a gouache painting. There is texture to the brush stokes. The surface the painting is on is a golden kind of silk. Not loud and glaring, like some of the newer souvenir art that you see being sold, but subtle, and refined. Very tasteful, and a very powerful scene for someone who appreciates Japanese art, the Samurai, and perhaps, SunTzus’ Art of War.


As for the condition, there are two water stains on the top margin of the piece, but not in the painting. These can be removed by a good restorer. There are a couple of small water spots, perhaps from single drops of water, near the chasing horses’ rear hoof. There are two small holes on the back of the panels, but they do not effect the painting. The frame seems to be made of a dark wood , like mahogany, or teak, and the metal brackets are made of brass. This Byobu is signed, and was created in Japan. It measures 36 x 71 inches.




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