16/8 OMAD or 48 hour fast

16/8, OMAD, or 48 hour fast What’s the difference between 16/8, OMAD, or 48 hour fast ? Which one should you do? I guess it depends on your goals. My goal was to lose the “pumpkin“ that was beginning to appear on my belly. I saw it in a digital photo while taking a casual photo while visiting the Seattle Space Needle. I remember thinking. “Hmmm… I’m growing a belly again.” How did that happen? Loving and eating comfort foods like bread and butter,  angel hair pasta with scampi, waffles,  cookies, and wine. That’s not all I would eat. I … Continued

Remington, Russell, and All

Remington, Russell, and All The artists Frederic Remington and Charles Russell, and other great western artists, captured on canvas, and paper, romantic and exciting images of the old west, that made the west a place that Americans in the 1800s wanted to settle, make their fortunes, and raise a family in. It’s possible that the west that they depicted in their artwork inspired men like my grandfather John, and his brothers Charles, and Harry to put down roots in the Oklahoma territory around the turn of 20th century. Tall Tales One of the tall tales that my grandfather told my father, … Continued

Dear Uncle Archie. Where in the World?

  John George Campbell performing as Archibald Craven, singing Dear Uncle Archie, Where in the World? and How could I ever know? With Madi Litgermoet, as Mary,  Caroline Nelms, as Lily, and Aubrey Kelly Tran, as Martha.

STARS from Les Miserables (Javert)

The song Stars, from Les Miserables,  is one of my favorite songs to sing. Javert is a role I would love to play, but I wouldn’t mind performing as Jean Valjean, either. This performance was for Fine Arts Ballet, and featured choreography by Stephen Roberto Hallburn, with Stephen Roberto Hallburn and Nicole Burris Collins doing the dance.

Something was Missing as Daddy Warbucks

Something was Missing, as Daddy Warbucks in Annie. Inland Theater League Award Winner I enjoyed performing in the role of Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks in ANNIE. I really didn’t know much about the show, or the role, when I was first asked to play the part. What I thought I knew was that the show was about Little Orphan Annie, so it was a show for little girls. And I’m not a little girl. Then What I thought I knew about Oliver “Daddy ” Warbucks, was that he was some sort of over the top Monopoly game caricature of an incredibly … Continued

Race You to the Top of the Morning

Race You to the Top of the Morning        Performing the role of Archibald Craven in the Secret Garden, singing Race You to the Top of the Morning.    I liked this role. What a meaty character. The whole musical play The Secret Garden is truly a work of musical theater, and drama. The role of Archibald Craven is one of sorrow, bitterness, grief, loss, loneliness, lost love, anger, love, and renewal.   Why is Archibald so sad?      The love of his life, his wife Lily, had died after childbirth, years before, and Archibald has never … Continued

As Jud Fry Singing Lonely Room from OKLAHOMA!

As Jud Fry Singing Lonely Room from OKLAHOMA. Inland Theater League Award Winner.   I loved acting in the role of Jud Fry. I liked getting into the skin of the character. While those around him don’t see much to like about Jud, Jud doesn’t see that about himself. Their perception of him, is not his perception of himself. He believes he should get the girl; A girl like Laurie. He believes that he holds second place to no man. Especially some smooth talking cowboy named Curly. And he isn’t going to let anybody get in the way of him … Continued

The Star Spangled Banner

The National Anthem The Star Spangled Banner        I have had the honor to have sung the Star Spangled Banner, back in the 1980’s for the Dodgers, Angels, Rams, Lakers, L.A.Kings, L.A. Express, L.A. Galaxy, and even the Boston Red Sox, when I was singing with the country quartet The Indian River Boys . Great way to get good seats to a game, too ! Love to be able to do that again.      Singing the Star Spangled Banner allowed me to see Kareem Abdul Jabbar win the game on sky hooks from beyond the arc, twice, … Continued

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