Something was Missing as Daddy Warbucks

Something was Missing, as Daddy Warbucks in Annie.

Inland Theater League Award Winner

I enjoyed performing in the role of Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks in ANNIE. I really didn’t know much about the show, or the role, when I was first asked to play the part. What I thought I knew was that the show was about Little Orphan Annie, so it was a show for little girls. And I’m not a little girl. Then What I thought I knew about Oliver “Daddy ” Warbucks, was that he was some sort of over the top Monopoly game caricature of an incredibly rich tycoon businessman during the depression years. Which he is. But he’s also so much more than that. I first discovered that when I read the script, and discovered it even more through the songs that he sings in the show, like Something was Missing, and Why Should I Change a Thing ? . Of all the characters in the show, Oliver Warbucks character is the one that allows for the most transformation and growth as a person, and that is why I would love to do the role again. Maybe even a few more times.

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