Ting Shao Kuang

   This work, Cherry Blossoms, by Ting Shao Kuang, was the first image that I ever saw of his work. The memory of it stayed in my mind for years until I had the good fortune to find it on … Continued

Louis de Mayo Navajo man

Louis de Mayo Navajo Man . Published in 1981. Signed and numbered limited edition serigraph, in a very small edition size of 75 impressions. Custom framed in a corrugated metal roofing panel,  seated on a wood frame backing. Really excellent presentation. From … Continued

Aldo Luongo

   I remember the first time I ever saw Aldo Luongos’ artwork. I was on my honeymoon in Hawaii. We turned the corner on a very busy Waikiki street and right in front of me, prominently displayed in a gallery … Continued