Lake Louise by Frederick Priddat

Lake Louise by Frederick Priddat.  Listed Canadian artist. (1924- XXXX)

Lake Louise by Frederick
Lake Louise by Frederick Priddat  1924-xxxx,  Oil on Canvas. $2550.00

24″ x 28″ Framed oil on Canvas. 16″ x 20″ , unframed.

Lake Louise Frederick Priddat signature
Lake Louise Frederick Priddat signature
Lake Louise by Frederick Priddat closeup
Lake Louise by Frederick Priddat closeup

Who was Frederick Priddat?

Frederick Priddat was born in Germany (1924) and studied in Hanover, Germany. He was involved in the making of handicrafts in Lemo, and commercial art and interior design in Detmold, Germany. He came to Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1961, and then settled in Victoria, British Columbia. His subjects include the prairie landscape of Manitoba, and coastal views of British Columbia, as well as the Canadian Rockies. He worked as a farmer, building painter, and construction worker.

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This particular painting is stamped “Canadian Scene, Priddat Studios”, and titled by hand in black pen on the verso “Lake Louise”. It also shows a written number 8. Priddats’ paintings of the Canadian Rockies near Lake Louise have been translated into postcards in the past, so it’s possible that this painting of Lake Louise was the 8th in a series of paintings dealing with this Canadian Scenic subject matter.

Canada was mine. All mine! Sort of…

On a personal note I discovered that Lake Louise was named after the Princess Louise Caroline Alberta (1848–1939), the fourth daughter of Queen Victoria, and the wife of John Campbell, the 9th Duke of Argyll, who was the Governor General of Canada from 1878 to 1883. That’s my name. John Campbell. So, I may just hold onto this painting for quite some time, since all of Canada was once governed by me, with a beautiful Canadian lake named after my then wife, Louise. Who knew? It’s not everyday that a commoner from California learns that all of the beautiful country of Canada was once his domain.

This painting gets visitors almost every single day. If you want it, make an offer.

Title: Lake Louise

Artist: Frederick Priddat

24″ x 28″ framed oil on canvas.  Signed lower right. 16″ x 20″, unframed.

Period: Mid 20th century

Region: Canada

Subject matter: Lake Louise, The Canadian Rockies,

$2550.00 . Please feel free to make an offer.

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