John George Campbell in Sondheims’ ASSASSINS

John George Campbell performs as Charles Guiteau in ASSASSINS

TEMECULA, Calif.Oct. 21, 2016PRLog — John George Campbell continues his run as Charles Guiteau in Stephen Sondheims’ musical, ASSASSINS, at the Old Town Temecula Theater, October 13 through October 23.  The show is directed by Paul Kehler, musically directed by Michelle Risling, and produced by Brittany Campbell for Fine Arts Network.


Going to the Lordy . John George Campbell as Charles Guiteau, in Stephen Sondheims' ASSASSINS
Going to the Lordy . John George Campbell as Charles Guiteau, in Stephen Sondheims’ ASSASSINS

The 5 time Tony Award winning musical ASSASSINS takes a look at persons in American history that either assassinated American presidents, or failed in their attempt, as well as the social, and personal conditions that led each one of these individuals to try to do so. Although the subject matter is very serious, the way that it’s treated, as a musical, includes a good deal of dark humour, smart and clever lyrics, and script,  and music that reflects the time period when each of these ASSASSINS, and American  presidents, lived.


ASSASSINS and the Presidents they targeted.




Assassins, and the Presidents they targeted include John Wilkes Booth and Abraham Lincoln, Giuseppe Zangara ,and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Charles Guiteau and James Garfield, Leon Czolgosz and William McKinley, Sarah Jane Moore, Lynette “Squeaky ” Fromme and Gerald Ford, Sam Byck and Richard Nixon, John Hinkley and Ronald Reagan, and Lee Harvey Oswald and John F. Kennedy.


The show does not celebrate assassins. It looks at the personal reasons, and the social conditions in the country, that may have compelled them to do what they did.


ASSASSINS looks at the reasons why each one of these individuals did what they did, and the social conditions in the country at the time they lived, that may have been contributing factors in their decision to strike out, as they did.


It’s a serious show, presented with humor and music.


It’s a controversial show, to be sure, but it’s a smart, and funny show. It’s a blend of drama, humor, smart and snappy tunes, and thought-provoking scenes and monologues. If you like your theater on the substantial side, and want to see a show that isn’t full of fluff, ASSASSINS is a show that you should see.


About John George Campbell


Actor Singer John George Campbell headshot
Actor Singer John George Campbell headshot


John George Campbell has recently been seen in Moonlight Amphitheaters hit show TITANIC, the MUSICAL, as Emile DeBecque in SOUTH PACIFIC, and Danvers Carew in JEKYLL and HYDE. Upcoming shows include narrating PETER and the WOLF for the California Chamber Orchestra on November 5th, 2016 at the Old Town Temecula Community Theater, and joining Theater Royales production of MARY POPPINS, which is being presented at the Pechanga Resort and Casino in Temecula, January 2017, and the FOX Theater in Riverside, in February, 2017.

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