John George Campbell To Narrate Prokofievs’ Peter and the Wolf

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TEMECULA, Calif. – Oct. 15, 2016 – PRLog — John George Campbell will be narrating Sergei Prokofievs’ Peter and the Wolf, for the California Chamber Orchestra, for PROKOFIEV 125, a salute to the 125th anniversary of the composer’s birth. The orchestra will be conducted by Dana Zimbric, on November 5th, 2016 at the Old Town Temecula Community Theater .

Actor Singer John George Campbell headshot
Actor Singer John George Campbell

Honored to narrate Peter and the Wolf

This is a great personal honor for me to be able to narrate this wonderful work of classical music, and childrens stories. I remember being introduced to classical music, as a child, by listening to Peter and the Wolf. I would listen to it over and over again, because I loved the story, and loved the way the story was told through the instruments in the orchestra. It was enchanting to me then, stirring my imagination as a child, and is just as enchanting to me now.

More music by Prokofiev and Haydn

The evening of music will include Prokofievs’ Classical Symphony, and Haydns’ Symphony No. 104 in D major.

Recent and current performances featuring John George Campbell

John George Campbell has recently performed as Emile De Becque in SOUTH PACIFIC, and George Widener in TITANIC, the MUSICAL. John is currently performing as Charles Guiteau, in Steven Sondheims’ ASSASSINS at the Old Town Community Theater.

California Chamber Orchestra Prokofiev 125

Old Town Temecula Community Theater

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  1. margaretsiemers

    Always pleased to see news of any new performance you are in but this one in particular. Like you this was a childhood memory that brings back so many warm feelings. I know you will be wonderful as the narrator, how could you NOT be so?
    I have placed you on my “bucket list” of things to see before I go (nothing expected or soon I hope) but I would truly cherish to see and hear you perform one day.

    Always best wishes for your talented work to continue.

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