Art and Imagination

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Art and Imagination

Over the months and weeks that I had been engaging myself in a book release, promotions, and guerilla marketing for my then new book, STOCK MARKET BASEBALL, I found myself coming back full circle to those pursuits, and activities that interest me the most, and that give me the most fun, joy, and satisfaction. The arts. I can’t escape it. I love music and art, and the imagination of men and women who create.

When I first wrote this piece I had become more active with Google+ as an avenue to present myself and my work to persons with similar interests in the markets, trading, art, theater, and music. But I found myself loving to spend most of that time with lovers of art and culture, from all over the world. I seem to have most in common with the men and women who enjoy sharing photos, and stories, jokes, and artwork from decades long gone by, from places like Germany, France, Italy, England, and the American Midwest. While I also make connections with people who share my interest in technical chart analysis , and trading I find myself much more interested in discovering some long forgotten photo of a silent film star, or model, long since passed, or some visual kaleidoscope played with by children in Germany more than 100 years ago.  The touch of humanity in the arts, and invention, is what lives on, and what gives life to the arts in the first place. It’s that shared humanity, imagination, humor, and sense of wonder, that I truly appreciate.

I miss not having Google+ as an avenue to connect with like minded and spirited people from all over the country and the world that shared similar interests and passions. It was really good at doing that.

As for art, we are inspired by art, and imagination. We are moved to tears. We are drawn together, and sometimes, driven apart, by what’s been created. Art and imagination, as well as our relationship with nature, is what defines us, much more so than what we do, or how much money we make, or don’t make.  We work to make a living, but art and imagination helps us to really live.

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