Shadows in The Night love song by John George Campbell

Shadows in the Night love song

Shadows in the Night is a romantic love song that I wrote for my FAMILY ALBUM CD. I would love to see a Pas de Deux ballet performed to this song. It just seems to me that the grace, and emotion displayed by ballet dancers would be a good match for the words and music of this song.

This video is something new I put together using Haiku Deck, featuring an excerpt from the SHADOWS IN THE NIGHT. Haiku Deck is mostly visual, so I had to download the visual files to Powerpoint, and then convert them to PNG files to use with Windows Movie Maker. Then I tried to manipulate the seconds that each visual was shown in order to sync with each phrase in the verses of the song. This is the first Haiku deck for me. It’s a nice visual tool for presentations, and very easy to use, but not fully formatted to handle audio, unless you do what I just did.

You can buy the complete Shadows in the Night love song at the link provided, and the CD too.

John George Campbells Family Album CD
John George Campbells Family Album CD

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