Next to Highway Number 10 Dinosaurs live again

Next to Highway Number 10, Dinosaurs live again.


I wrote this song Next to Highway Number 10, about a crazy, fun place in Cabazon, California, next to Highway number 10, in Southern California. What made this place fun was the presence of life size statues of dinosaurs, like a Brontosaurus, and Tyrannasaurus Rex, that you could get out of your car, and walk around, under, and even inside, the dinosaurs. I don’t care how old, or young, you are, dinosaurs are cool, and this place couldn’t help but stir the imagination of anyone who’s ever been there, or driven by the place.



The video Next to Highway Number 10, made using Haiku Deck images, and the original song Next to Highway Number 10, on John George Campbells’ FAMILY ALBUM CD,  is available for purchase in digital format wherever mp3, or other music file formats are sold, like ITunes, Amazon, CDBABY, etc…. You can also order physical CDs from any of these sites, as well as directly from this FAMILY ALBUM CD webpage.


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