You Are My Own as Gerard Carriere

You are my Own from Phantom



 Inland Theater League Award for performance

as Gerard Carriere in Phantom


   I was unfamilar with the Yeston/Kopit production of Phantom, when I was first asked to audition for both roles of Eric, and Gerard Carriere. Being a baritone, my focus was on the role of Eric, though I knew, age wise, I was better suited for Gerard Carriere, Eric’s father. So, prior to auditioning, I studied both parts, and knew that I could sing Erics’ songs with no problem, at all. But I liked the acting  and narrative role that the Carriere role required. So, when I wasn’t surprised to be cast as Gerard Carriere, I went to work on memorizing his very long narration of the Story of Eric, in the second act, and the very beautiful duet with Eric, You Are My Own. It’s one of those songs that leaves an impression on the audience, and has them thinking about it, and humming it, as they leave the theater. When you have just one song in the show, it helps that it’s such a beautiful, and powerful song to sing.

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