Tim Cook showing strong leadership at AAPL

Tim Cook Announces expanded 30 billion dollar buyback of AAPL shares, and a 7 for 1 stock split. In January of this year, after AAPL missed badly, the share price took a nose dive below $500.00 a share. And, truth be told, without some sort of intervention, sub $400 wasn’t out of the question. But what did Tim Cook do to stop the bleeding? He showed confidence in his own AAPL brand , and bought back 15 billion dollars worth of shares. The sell off stopped, and the share price rebounded, over the next couple of months to $550, only … Continued

WordPress Technical Chart Analysis plugin test

WordPress Technical Chart Analysis plug-in tests       I’ve been searching the internet for free software downloads of technical chart analysis software, since besides art and theater, I also write about Technical chart analysis of equities. And then I thought  ” Hey ! I wonder if WordPress has some technical chart analysis plug-ins that are already to be used and included on WordPress based websites ?” And they do. But what are they? And do they work?  So I’m reviewing a few in this post for other WordPress users to get a look at, and consider. I used plugin terms … Continued

Use Fibonaccis for peace of mind.

Here’s a recent example of of how I use technical analysis to make a quick assessment of an investments chart. An online friend of mine that works for a large investment bank asked me on June 20th, 2013 what direction I thought the market was going to take, since the markets, in general, had been retreating over the previous several days. Not wanting to do a whole lot of fundamental research on the matter, I quickly pulled up the one year chart of the QQQ Powershares Trust, which pretty much mimics the Nasdaq. Most charts won’t initially look like this, … Continued

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