WordPress Technical Chart Analysis plugin test

WordPress Technical Chart Analysis plug-in tests


    I’ve been searching the internet for free software downloads of technical chart analysis software, since besides art and theater, I also write about Technical chart analysis of equities. And then I thought  ” Hey ! I wonder if WordPress has some technical chart analysis plug-ins that are already to be used and included on WordPress based websites ?” And they do. But what are they? And do they work?  So I’m reviewing a few in this post for other WordPress users to get a look at, and consider. I used plugin terms Chart, Stock, Technical analysis. Stock and Chart provided some results. Technical analysis provided none.

 Stock Tools didn’t work


 My first attempt was with Stock Tools, but the code didn’t seem to work. So, after various attempts to install the code with no success, I stopped trying.

Simple Stock Quotes simply didn’t work either.


   Then it was Simple Stock Quotes, which also didn’t work. In both of these plug-ins defense, they may not have been compatible with my Pilcrow theme version 1.5.1, . but is that really a defense, if they want to be included in WordPress sites?


Live Charts didn’t install either. AHHHHH!!!!


   Next. Live Charts Pivot Point Calculator. It wouldn’t install either. I would immediately get a message that Service was not Currently Available. But I will say this for LiveCharts. If you go to their own website, they have an abundance of technical analysis charting tools available. Even two services that they say on their site that work with WordPress. But, in my case, they didn’t. On a personal level, I will visit their site to use their tools, but since I’m looking to embed technical analysis tools on my own site, my search continues….

Stock Twits worked. But it wasn’t what I was looking for.


   StockTwits, an active traders’ kind of Twitter message board, or forum, has a couple WordPress plug-ins.  The one I tried works. But this article is about technical analysis plug-ins, and not financial message boards, so I’ll leave it to WordPress site builders who want that in their sites to access StockTwits through the plug-in directory. I may use it in my sidebar. It’s fun to keep an eye on the conversation, even if you don’t have the time to be engaged in the conversation yourself, while you attend to other matters.


   My search for  WordPress stock analysis plugins that work with my Pilcrow theme will continue. But for the moment, like U2 Bono, I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.

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