How I moved content to Stock Market Baseball

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This post is about how I moved trading content to Stock Market Baseball. And why. I’ve been spending the last couple of weeks moving trading content from to my Stock Market Baseball website. Over the holidays, from late October through December I noticed … Continued

Did APPLES’ chart foretell the drop in share price ?

Did APPLES’ chart (AAPL) foretell the drop in share price ? Does it still ? Technical Chart Analysts would probably say yes.  The chart below shows a two year long Inverted Cup and Handle pattern, with the handle represented by … Continued

Capstone Turbine Keeps Powering on.

I’ve been following, and sometimes trading , Capstone Turbine Corporation, (symbol CPST), for years. I don’t own, or trade it now, but I keep it on my watch list because I like the whole idea of on-site power generation and … Continued

Use Fibonaccis for peace of mind.

Here’s a recent example of of how I use technical analysis to make a quick assessment of an investments chart. An online friend of mine that works for a large investment bank asked me on June 20th, 2013 what direction … Continued

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