NYC from Annie As Oliver Warbucks

NYC from ANNIE    Performing as Oliver Warbucks in Annie, singing N.Y.C. .   Performing N.Y.C. from Annie is always such a crowd pleaser of a song. Lot’s of activity on stage. Lots of energy, and hustle and bustle. People going here and there, never stopping, always moving. Just like NYC. This is great ensemble piece, and the whole group seemed to wow the audience every night with their collective voices. Heather Keeney played Grace Farrell. Madi Litgermoet played Annie. Shaye Leeper played as the Star to Be. Lisa Suppler Slay directed the show, and colored it with great touches … Continued

Capstone Turbine Keeps Powering on.

I’ve been following, and sometimes trading , Capstone Turbine Corporation, (symbol CPST), for years. I don’t own, or trade it now, but I keep it on my watch list because I like the whole idea of on-site power generation and I like that Capstone Turbine can help deliver this reality of on-site power generation in conjunction with all sorts of other energy sources, such as bio-gases, methane gas, natural gas, solar energy, wind power, and I imagine, wave power, if they haven’t already figured that possibility out yet.

Earline W Barnes painting AUTUMN

Earline W Barnes painting AUTUMN.   Earline W Barnes painting AUTUMN      Hall of Fame El Paso, Texas artist Earline W Barnes (1926 – 2005) was not only an important Texas artist, but also a very important teacher, and influence on others that she taught, and was a contemporary of.  A brief study into her work reveals great respect for her work as an artist and teacher in Texas, and New Mexico. I think wherever she would have landed in her life that she would have had the same influence, and respect as an artist and as a teacher. … Continued

Ken Gore painting Blue Reflection

Ken Gore painting Blue Reflection Ken Gore painting Blue Reflection. This is an oil painting by American artist Ken Gore (1911-1990).    Born in Illinois, American artist Ken Gore was revered in Indiana as an Indiana artist, where he was a part of the Brown County Art Colony, and in the Northeast, where he became president of the North Shore Art Association, after having moved to Gloucester, Massachusetts in the 1950’s. He was a great painter of nature, woodlands, the countryside, creeks and rivers, and barns, as well as lobster boats and fishermen. He was also a member of the … Continued

Collecting Art and Selling Art

   Collecting Art and selling art for, and from your collection, can pose some challenges, from time to time.  I’ve recently been contacted by several people with an interest in art collecting, or in selling works that they’ve collected, or inherited.  As far as collecting and buying art, I have a few suggestions. Collecting and buying art    Number 1. But what you like. Buy what you can live with, and share your home, or business with. Because the artwork that you buy for your collection may be with you for a very long time. Maybe, for years. Maybe, for … Continued


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Ting Shao Kuang

   This work, Cherry Blossoms, by Ting Shao Kuang, was the first image that I ever saw of his work. The memory of it stayed in my mind for years until I had the good fortune to find it on the secondary market. I usually buy for other people, when they give me a wish list of artwork, and artists, whose work they want to find. But in this case, this work was for me. I like a lot of Ting Shao Kuangs’ work from the 1980’s. His work was colorful, elegant, and refined. I have read that he pulled … Continued

God Bless the Working Man

I’ve shared this song before. It’s good to work. But there are still a lot of people that want to work that can’t seem to find a job, so, in honor of Labor Day, I thought I would share it again. It’s tough being without work. Lots of people go through it . So while we’re celebrating Labor Day, and everyday that you can provide for yourself, and your family, remember all those that would like to work, and are willing to work, but can’t seem to find a job. God Bless the Working Man and Woman.

Why Should I Change a Thing ?

Why Should I Change a Thing ?    Daddy Warbucks was such a neat character to portray. Firmly ensconced in his cool detachment from having any really meaningful relationships, at all. And then this little orphan girl, Annie, gets to him.

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