Louis de Mayo Navajo man

Louis de Mayo Navajo Man . Published in 1981. Signed and numbered limited edition serigraph, in a very small edition size of 75 impressions. Custom framed in a corrugated metal roofing panel,  seated on a wood frame backing. Really excellent presentation. From a private estate. 29″ x 22″, print size. 45″ x 38 1/2″ framed. $2500.00 + Free shipping Make an offer / Ask a question

Mid Century Paris Street Scene Painting

Mid Century Paris Street Scene painting   I think the color and the detail is best in this shot from a slight angle, as the flash didn’t wash out the color.    Mid century French pen and ink and watercolor painting of a Paris Street Scene, featuring Montmartre, Paris and the Sacre Coeur . Signed by the artist. Very well done.    A few years back I owned a painting by the French artist Charles Cobelle. I would say that this artist may well have been a contemporary of Cobelle, or Marcel Dufy, as the use of the open line, … Continued

Mid Century Modern Seascape Painting by Parker

  This is a 24″ x 30″ oil on canvas mid-century modern seascape painting, signed Parker. I think this painting was done in the 60’s, considering the way the palette knife was used to create the jagged texture of the rocky shoreline, in contrast to the more subdued, more minimal treatment of the ocean, seabirds, sky, and rolling and churning waves.

Mid Century Indian Sikh Officer in Green Turban

   This is a medium-sized oil painting portrait by Canadian artist V. Elliott Ferguson (1900- xxxx) of a young and handsome Indian Sikh officer wearing a green turban. Painted in 1950.

Aldo Luongo

   I remember the first time I ever saw Aldo Luongos’ artwork. I was on my honeymoon in Hawaii. We turned the corner on a very busy Waikiki street and right in front of me, prominently displayed in a gallery window, was a framed limited edition by Aldo Luongo. I think it was called Red Bench. It had this older man, with white hair and a bushy mustache, and a white cap on his head, sitting on a red park bench. I would later learn that this person on the bench was called the Hawk, and in many ways, serves … Continued

Rugrats Tribute Video Babies on Parade

Babies on Parade I started writing this song when my oldest son, who is now in his mid 20’s, was just a baby boy starting to stand on his own two feet. As he stood on one of my knees, I started singing the nonsensical part of the song, while he, and I, were having a great time, playing together. This process would be repeated with our next two sons, with the song still not having words to it. Later, when I started to record my FAMILY ALBUM CD, I came up with the lyrics to the song, with my three … Continued

Use Fibonaccis for peace of mind.

Here’s a recent example of of how I use technical analysis to make a quick assessment of an investments chart. An online friend of mine that works for a large investment bank asked me on June 20th, 2013 what direction I thought the market was going to take, since the markets, in general, had been retreating over the previous several days. Not wanting to do a whole lot of fundamental research on the matter, I quickly pulled up the one year chart of the QQQ Powershares Trust, which pretty much mimics the Nasdaq. Most charts won’t initially look like this, … Continued

Samurai Warriors on Horseback Japanese Byobu

 Samurai Warriors on Horseback    Japanese Byobu four panel screen. I’ve owned some Korean Joseon period court paintings in the past, and have a nice crane painting from the Qing Dynasty, but this is the first time to own a Byobu, a Japanese folding screen painting. As usual, I really like the imagery, but know nothing about the artist. If any readers recognize the artists’ symbol, please let me know who it is. Thank you.

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