Tim Cook showing strong leadership at AAPL

Tim Cook Announces expanded 30 billion dollar buyback of AAPL shares, and a 7 for 1 stock split. In January of this year, after AAPL missed badly, the share price took a nose dive below $500.00 a share. And, truth be told, without some sort of intervention, sub $400 wasn’t out of the question. But what did Tim Cook do to stop the bleeding? He showed confidence in his own AAPL brand , and bought back 15 billion dollars worth of shares. The sell off stopped, and the share price rebounded, over the next couple of months to $550, only … Continued

Stone House in Winter by Jack Whitaker

Stone House in Winter by Jack Whitaker. Oil on canvas board.   This is an  original oil painting signed by Jack Whitaker in 1974, of a Colonial period Georgian style, or Colonial Revival style, stone house in winter. The Georgian style stone homes were named for King George, and were prevalent in the middle colonies in the 18th century, or the 1700s’. Which Jack Whitaker is it? There are the only two notable artists named Jack Whitaker that I could find in my research good enough to paint this painting of a Stone House in Winter. One is popular in … Continued

Lake Louise by Frederick Priddat

Lake Louise by Frederick Priddat.  Listed Canadian artist. (1924- XXXX) 24″ x 28″ Framed oil on Canvas. 16″ x 20″ , unframed. Who was Frederick Priddat? Frederick Priddat was born in Germany (1924) and studied in Hanover, Germany. He was involved in the making of handicrafts in Lemo, and commercial art and interior design in Detmold, Germany. He came to Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1961, and then settled in Victoria, British Columbia. His subjects include the prairie landscape of Manitoba, and coastal views of British Columbia, as well as the Canadian Rockies. He worked as a farmer, building painter, and construction worker. … Continued

Did APPLES’ chart foretell the drop in share price ?

Did APPLES’ chart (AAPL) foretell the drop in share price ? Does it still ? Technical Chart Analysts would probably say yes.  The chart below shows a two year long Inverted Cup and Handle pattern, with the handle represented by the upward diagonal channel on the right side of the chart. When the share price broke below the lower support line of that channel, AAPL shares dropped. Some would say that that ‘s  an easy call to make now, but it didn’t prove itself out until the share price fell. But the point is that once the share price fell … Continued

Art and Imagination

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Art and Imagination Over the last few months and weeks, while I’ve been engaging myself in a book release, promotions, and guerilla marketing for my new book, STOCK MARKET BASEBALL, I find myself coming back full circle to those pursuits, and activities that interest me the most, and that give me the most fun, joy, and satisfaction. The arts. I can’t escape it. I love music and art, and the imagination of men and women who create .   I’ve become more active with Google+, as an avenue to present myself, and my work, to persons with similar interests in … Continued

Next to Highway Number 10 Dinosaurs live again

Next to Highway Number 10, Dinosaurs live again.   I wrote this song Next to Highway Number 10, about a crazy, fun place in Cabazon, California, next to Highway number 10, in Southern California. What made this place fun was the presence of life size statues of dinosaurs, like a Brontosaurus, and Tyrannasaurus Rex, that you could get out of your car, and walk around, under, and even inside, the dinosaurs. I don’t care how old, or young, you are, dinosaurs are cool, and this place couldn’t help but stir the imagination of anyone who’s ever been there, or driven by … Continued

Shadows in The Night love song by John George Campbell

Shadows in the Night love song Shadows in the Night is a romantic love song that I wrote for my FAMILY ALBUM CD. I would love to see a Pas de Deux ballet performed to this song. It just seems to me that the grace, and emotion displayed by ballet dancers would be a good match for the words and music of this song. This video is something new I put together using Haiku Deck, featuring an excerpt from the SHADOWS IN THE NIGHT. Haiku Deck is mostly visual, so I had to download the visual files to Powerpoint, and … Continued

The Christmas Crooner

Happy Holidays from the  Christmas Crooner !       John George Campbell, The Christmas Crooner, sings songs made famous by great crooners like Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, Johnny Mathis, and others.     Each set would include White Christmas, The Christmas Song (Chestnuts roasting on an open fire), and Oh, Holy Night !   15 minute 4 to 5 song set …… Contact for a quote           This show is designed for someone that wants  a visit from a special Christmas Singer singing  wonderful Christmas songs made  famous by  Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby, Johnny Mathis, and  other crooners. 30 minute 8 to 10 song set  …… Contact for a quote       This is designed for a company party, like a luncheon, where there may be some time constraints,  with employees needing to get back to  work, but with the employer wanting to make sure that the  employees are being shown appreciation for being  part of the company family.     Multi site,  same area, same day, same week discounts are  available for school systems,  hospital branches, and retirement communities.    John George Campbell is an award winning  actor and singer  who performs regularly in regional  theater,  and as guest vocalist for the Fine Arts Ballet,  as well as performing as a featured singer at the  Europa Village Winery  themed wine pairing suppers.      There are various performance videos … Continued

Dear Uncle Archie. Where in the World?

  John George Campbell performing as Archibald Craven, singing Dear Uncle Archie, Where in the World? and How could I ever know? With Madi Litgermoet, as Mary,  Caroline Nelms, as Lily, and Aubrey Kelly Tran, as Martha.

WordPress Technical Chart Analysis plugin test

WordPress Technical Chart Analysis plug-in tests       I’ve been searching the internet for free software downloads of technical chart analysis software, since besides art and theater, I also write about Technical chart analysis of equities. And then I thought  ” Hey ! I wonder if WordPress has some technical chart analysis plug-ins that are already to be used and included on WordPress based websites ?” And they do. But what are they? And do they work?  So I’m reviewing a few in this post for other WordPress users to get a look at, and consider. I used plugin terms … Continued

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